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An open letter to the President

On Monday I am mailing the following letter to the White House. I wrote it in a way that I hope will appeal to the President’s ego, just in case there is any chance that he or his staff might read it. I think that this approach is the only way that he might consider what I have to say. Depending on your political leanings, you might read this letter as a flattering account of his accomplishments, or as a veiled, satirical criticism of his handling of his job. Either way, I am truly serious about my proposal. I sincerely believe that both Mr. Trump and the country would benefit greatly if he were to resign. Please share with me and those who read my blog your thoughts and reactions, and your agreement or disagreement with my proposal (comment at the bottom of this page).   Thanks, Jim


May 20, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump:

Have I got a deal for you! Here’s how it works:

You declare victory and resign as the President.

Why should you do this now so soon after your inauguration?

  • You can legitimately say that you have turned the country in a new direction. This is what you set out to do, and it is a great accomplishment. Your name will go down in history as one of our most notable presidents.
  • You can say with pride that you came from behind to win the election in an unprecedented way. The last President who even came close to this was Harry Truman, and that was 69 years ago.
  • Your health care bill is off the ground.
  • The Supreme Court justice that you nominated was approved in record time, an accomplishment that will preserve the conservative interpretation of our Constitution for decades to come.
  • Wall Street has responded very favorably to your proposed tax cuts.
  • Unemployment is at its lowest level in years.
  • You executed a new trade deal with China that will increase our exports and reduce our trade deficit.
  • Major manufacturers are promising to bring jobs back to the US.
  • And, you have done all of this in just four months. No president can claim such accomplishments in such a short period of time. (We’ll just forget about FDR; that was a different set of circumstances anyway.)

What do you get out of the deal?

  • You can avoid this whole nasty, special prosecutor thing, saving yourself untold headaches and millions of dollars in legal fees.
  • Your detractors will no longer have anything to complain about; you won’t have to spend all of your time defending yourself against their short-sighted, limited ideas.
  • You can get back to doing what you do best: making lucrative real estate deals.
  • You can get out of that confining White House, and enjoy your many magnificent homes without having to commute every weekend.
  • Jared and Ivanka can get back to minding the business of their businesses.
  • Melania and Barron won’t have to be uprooted from your resplendent home in NYC.
  • You can play golf every weekend, wherever you want, without the press criticizing you for it.
  • But perhaps most importantly, you’ve clearly identified the big picture for our country, and gotten the ball rolling. You won’t have to muddy your hands getting all of your programs through Congress. Politics is all so messy anyway. Let those who have nothing better to do with their lives slave away at all of that minutia. That sort of grunt work is far below the dignity of a man of your stature.

What do the rest of us get out of the deal?

You will have given us a most generous gift that we will not soon forget. The specifics are innumerable, so I’ll only mention a few.

  • All of our news outlets will again report the significant events happening around the world, instead of their incessant torrent of fake news about the alleged shortcomings of your Administration.
  • We can break our addiction to checking your tweets the first thing every morning.
  • Our legislators can get back to work on the important business of passing the laws that will make America great again. They will no longer be bombarded with requests for interviews about their latest thoughts on your actions.
  • Mike Pence will be so boring as President that we won’t even pay attention to him.
  • This will allow him and Congress to fully implement your agenda — our agenda — without outside interference.
  • You will have given him a sure lock on the Presidency in 2021, allowing patriotic Republicans to ride into Congress on his coattails at least until 2025. That is a legacy that will last longer than President Reagan could have ever hoped for.

Mr. President, please don’t think that this offer is a tongue-in-cheek joke. I am very serious, and I am in good company. Even John Moody, the Executive Vice-President and Executive Editor of your beloved Fox News, suggested the same thing earlier this week. (In case you missed his editorial, you can find it here.)

This proposed deal has the added benefit of letting everybody think that they came away the “winner.” Of course, you will have outsmarted your critics and those far-reaching liberals, who will come up empty-handed without even realizing it. However, the longer you wait the less likely it is that this deal will achieve its fullest objectives.

Think it over. There aren’t many deals that get any better than this!


James F. Loomis


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4 thoughts on “An open letter to the President

  1. Thanks for the blog! Brought a smile to my face and some joy to my heart as. I have been feeling quite discouraged lately about the dysfunctions in our current government situation not to mention the obsession of tv news with doing everything that can be done to discredit, disparage, and disrespect those in authority over us. I have found the Wall Street Journal to be a more objective, fair, and educational source of news in the past few months than any other source. Here’s another idea for you – how about sending a copy of your letter to the news people as well?


  2. Jon & Sharon DeWaal on said:

    I appreciate your “tongue in cheek” approach to this proposal. Probably not a bad idea but considering the ego our President has, very unlikely. However, may I propose something more radical and novel -something that is not often mentioned in the Christian community? Paul in I Timothy 2:1-3 states: “The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live.” (The Message)

    With all that is swirling around in our political landscape, there is one truth that helps hope rise: God reigns and that His purposes will culminate toward His Kingdom being established, with or without Donald Trump. My business is not to speculate, conjecture, or worry what will or will not happen in the political arena. I’m told to pray and that is where the power really lays.


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