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As Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign experiences a rapid free-fall this week, taking the Republican Party down with it, the vitriol surfacing in the campaign is some of the worst that I can remember. Yet, in my opinion, there is one Republican in the campaign who still stands tall and strong. That person is Gov. Mike Pence, the party’s Vice-Presidential nominee.

As Republican candidates and office-holders withdraw their endorsement and/or support of Mr. Trump, Gov. Pence has stood by him. Throughout, Gov. Pence has carried himself with dignity. To the degree that he can support Mr. Trump’s positions in good conscience, he has done so all week long. He has skillfully side-stepped those topics where he cannot, without coming off as being disingenuous.

When he accepted Mr. Trump’s invitation to be his running mate, and when he accepted his party’s nomination to be their Vice-Presidential nominee, he made a commitment to faithfully fulfill that role. He continues to do that with integrity, despite what I imagine must be a very difficult time for him — a time very likely to end his career in politics.

Dignity, loyalty, integrity. When I posted “And the winner is….” last Saturday, I said that integrity and temperament were characteristics essential to the person holding the office of President. In fact these are characteristics that I think are important for all of us to possess, especially in difficult times. Dignity, loyalty, integrity: the same as integrity and temperament.

Thank you Gov. Pence for your example as we endure this circus-like nightmare.


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