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Reflections on the American Christian Church: Challenges and Opportunities

Over the past year and a half I have written a lengthy paper on my views of the American Christian Church.  I discuss:

1) the decline of the church,

2) what I see to be the primary issue that the church needs to address in the next ten to twenty years (the impact of the tools of the Information Age, how those tools are used by the church, and how those tools call into question the very doctrines of the church itself), and

3) the most relevant problem facing the world that the American church should confront (global warming).

I include a series of short articles dealing with day-to-day operational matters of the church.  I conclude with several suggestions and recommendations in order for the church to deal with the concerns that I raise.

The paper can be accessed at: Reflections on the American Christian Church: Challenges and Opportunities.


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